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and school’s out now and i’m officially jobless.

this hasn’t happened in a while, and i’m quite glad it’s happened.

taking a backseat and being able to initiate meetings with people brings me much joy.

and so, in anticipation of boredom, and of people not being to accompany me, i bought a book.

it was a tossup between a bimbo read and a real novel cos both cost about the same price.

both bring me joys, but of different nature.

the bimbo read brings me much brainless joy, and may in turn cause more outflow of money, as it always highlights more needs which i have to acquire.

so in the end i chose the real novel.

and it’s truly a real novel, written by salman*rushdie the great.

it’s called shalimar the cl0wn.

i can’t see the end of even chapter one yet, so i can’t tell if its good or not at the moment.

but it should be.

the synopsis itself sounds hilarious, sounds like a political satire.

i think i might potentially enjoy it.

and then just the other day it dawned upon me that my life has changed upon buying a pair of jeans.

that pair of jeans that has given me a newly warped sense of shopping reality.

nowadays i can shop at calvin*klein*jeans at ease, feeling fully aware that i can potentially afford almost anything that i might potentially like.

it’s a good feeling.

but also a scary feeling.

i think i need to try and recall the days before that pair of jeans and spend my money more prudently, considering i’m totally jobless at the moment.

had breakfastĀ with tiffany’s today.

twas fun and relaxing at the same time.

feels good to have nowhere to rush to, nothing in particular to have to complete soon.

felt good to be so careless and carefree.

i think i like being jobless. yippeeyay.


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