my birthday is coming!

November 21, 2006 at 2:20 pm Leave a comment

and so it is.

and since we’re all in the spirit of giving since Christmas is just round the corner,

and i know how you all desperately want to earn brownie points, and being a good friend is one of the many ways, 

here’s how i’ll help you be a good kid so santa will give you presents too.

i’ll provide you a useful list of things to buy for my birthday!

arranged in no particular order because i want them all:

1. a driving license.
i know no one can help me with this but myself, but hey, at the rate i’m going, i think i’m gonna need some financial aid to finish the lessons and also in anticipation of test date two.

2. a car.
since we’re at it, mught as well get me a car, you know, just to encourage me to get my license sooner.

3. a new wardrobe.
my clothes are spilling out and my wardrobe is iliterally falling apart! the doors can’t close! on the bright side, i’m trying to con this out of my parents at the moment.

4. mac lifestyle.
and i mean it in the techgeek way, not the bimbo way. i want a g5 desktop, a macbook, plus an ipod video with an attachable microphone. heck, might as well throw in an i-dog, just for the heck of it.

5. laura*mercier tinted moisturiser.
i’ve been eyeing this for the longest time, and honestly, i’d kinda forgotten about this delectable object of desire until a taiwanese trashy bimbo magazine program i just watched tonight reminded me of the wonders and beauty of it. i need to have it to look pretty!6. a medium size bag.
i don’t know how many of you have heard about my stupid quarrel with the boyfriend about the ridiculousl big size of my big carryall black bag. so i concluded that the solution to all our problems and quarrels will be for me to get a medium size bag, then we won’t quarrel anymore. please buy me a medium size bag, preferably the shapeless kind, so i won’t have mindless quarrels with the boyfriend anymore! 

7. cash.
loads of it. just cos ya never know when ya gonna need it. nuff said.

8. G*star
i love it! from the jeans to the t-shirts to the shirts to the belts. buy me some!

9. shopping vouchers.
from gue$$ d.k.n.y. la$enza d|ese| arman| c.k. t0mmy …

PS: this list is far from exhaustive. will update when i can. suggestions are perfectly welcome. 😀


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