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and so i went to work on friday.

and honestly, i was terrified when i went to work.

atmosphere didn’t feel right, familiar faces weren’t many.

so at the beginning i was struggling, and i felt awkward and tense.

i’m used to getting instructions or just doing things by myself.

so it felt really strange, for the first time, to give instructions to people who were supposedly under my charge.

i realised that being able to give other people instructions really isn’t one of my strongest points.

it’s really hard you know, especially when you’re giving instructions to people older, and *ahem* bigger in size than you.

it’s quite a dwarfing experience.

but by and by, i started to feel more and more at ease and in place, as more familiar faces popped up.

so that was good i guess.

i realise i have this ridiculously bad habit of getting too comfortable in my comfort zones.

i love it when im surrounded by ppl i love, and people whom i know for sure love me back.

i feel awkward and ill at ease when im surrounded by people whom i don’t know, who seem hostile.

and then im the sort that isn’t good at initiating conversation – i wait for people to come talk to me – which is pretty bad sometimes.

but on the bright side, i’m glad the shoot went pretty well from my point of view.

we wrapped on time, so that’s always good.

and im sorry to disappoint tiffy and li*cia, that there’s prob not gonna be a re-shoot of a reshoot …


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in the mood for reflection my birthday is coming!

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