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QUiETUS Films Auditions for A Suicide Symphony


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my day in black and white


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this is what bald*bastard looks like

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yelling in an enclosed space can be very loud indeed

you all probably know by now i’m actively trying to acquire a driving license.

so today, as usual, i went to the centre for my practical lesson.

when i printed out the allocation slip, to my horror of horrors, i realised i was assigned to my fixed instructor even though i’d actively tried to avoid him by making last minute bookings.

so i braced myself for the challenge of keeping my temper in check.

which is a very conscious process that takes more effort than the driving process itself, whenever i’m assigned to him.

one of the rules as a learner driver is lane discipline, which simply means keeping to the extreme left lane all the time unless making a right turn.

so after successfully executing a right turn on the first gear, there were two things i had to do next:

1. accelerate and change gear

2. lane change back to the left lane

previously, i was told i could do the above two in either order, depending on traffic circumstances.

so after checking my rear mirror, side mirrors and blind spot, i proceeded with the lane change before the gear change because the traffic behind me was clear.

halfway through the lane change, the hatchet man yelled at me, asked me why the heck i had changed lanes on a low power gear, and accused me of engaging in road hogging.

in the same loudness that he had yelled at me, i yelled back that another instructor had said i could do the above two in any order, depending on the traffic conditions.

and he yelled back, “no, you answer me, was the traffic behind clear?”

to which i said, “yes, there were no cars in the left lane, but there was a car behind me”

then he said, “that means traffic not clear right? then why you change lane? you should have accelerated, changed to a higher gear then proceeded with the lane change!”

to which i replied, “but another instructor had told me that – ”

he cut in and yelled, “NO, you tell me, did he ever ell you to change lane in gear one?”

i said, “he said if traffic is clear, i can -”

he yelled, “DID HE EVER SAY GEAR ONE – ”

i lost it.

i really lost it.

i hollered back, “YOU ARE UNREASONABLE!”

to which got him really agitated and defensive, “i’m unreasonable? i -”

i lost it.


note that at this point when we were having our shouting competition within the confines of a shitty honda civic, i was still driving on the main roads.

it was a challenge, my, but it felt so good.

i changed gears with such a vengeance i never felt.

drove with such utless care i never felt.

and it felt so good.

almost crashed his car twice, but hey, in my mind were only thoughts of,  “bloody asshole you better have bought a hell lot of insurance” and “you better standby your brakes because you’re gonna have to pay a hell lot when i crash your car, asshole”

i’m still feeling the high from this afternoon’s drive and shouting match, which is making me start to question my sanity.

who the hell gets high from almost crashing a car?

i told boyfriend about this dramatic encounter and he laughed worriedly.

boyfriend is now pondering over what to do in the future unfortunate circumstances when he would have to be my passenger when i drive. 

and in case you’re wondering, it’s like my ninth lesson i think, and it’s my fourth lesson with the bald bastard.

at the second and third lesson with him, he already pissed me off real bad, but i reigned in my temper.

today i went for the class good-natured and all, even greeted him “good afternoon” only for it all to end up in a stupid shouting match.

at the end of the lesson, he opened up the driving textbook (which by the way is his favourite method of teaching PRACTICAL driving – why the hell do i need to go for practical lessons if reading the bloody book can make me a super driver?!?!) and explained to me what i had *supposedly* learned today.

he ended off by saying, “so, are you still angry with me?”

i said “yes”, grabbed my bag, and walked out of the circuit without looking back.

i just think, that if you have no patience, then please, don’t even attempt to teach.

and i just wanna say, if you are so god-damned good at your job, and you brag about your many years of experience, then why the hell aren’t you a gold instructor, tell me?

what i really learned today:

1. my god, i have a fiery temper

2. but hey, i drive best when angered

3. i still can’t stand stupid people

4. and yes, yelling in an enclosed space can be very loud indeed

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just in case you didn’t know already

viv0*city is opening on 7th october!

if you still don’t believe it, i have pictures to prove it!






basket, just cos new shopping centre opening, you don’t allow me to go into 0rch*ard-MeRT anymore already is it.

brainless pieces of shit.

where the hell is the ri0tp0lice when you need them.

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