the ongoing socio-scientific experiment

September 29, 2006 at 3:12 pm Leave a comment

i thought since i now look kinda handicapped, i thought i’d try a little socio-scientific experiment, on our much-lauded local public transport system no less.

at the beginning, when the abrasion on my left arm still hurt a hell lot such that it was terribly unbearable, i had to wrap it up using a. soft padded absorbent thingy PLUS b. larger waterproof padded absorbent thingy PLUS c. bandage.

my left arm looked like it was so ridiculously swollen.

and yet, amazingly, in this sorry-looking state, i carried on going for my practical driving lessons.

i travel to the driving centre on the local (crowded, but hey, it’s world-class status!) bus.

i was stupidly thinking, i must look so terribly sorry enough for people to want to give up their seats to me on the bus.


a. my left arm looked so totally swollen it looked like it was going to explode any moment.

b. my arm was all bandaged and plastered up, i looked like i was in no condition to grab hold onto anything to keep my balance if i were allowed to stand throughout the bus journey.

so i bravely decided to embark on my socio-scientific experiment which will definitely benefit mankind.

i started off with the hypothesis that people will give up their seats to you if you look sorry and hopeless enough.

i tested my hypotheses using the casual glance (which may heighten into a fierce glare any moment) approach.

the steps taken were as follows:

1. get onto a crowded bus at peak hour (approx. 1730hrs)

2. fumble while tapping ezlink card (start looking pathetic already!)

3. proceed slowly towards the seats, and glance furtively and sadly, looking like you’re in desperate need of a seat or else you will fall down and look even more bandaged and pathetic than you already are.

NOTE: if no one is kind enough to give up their seats yet, then proceed cautiously to step 4 and beyond.

4. pick a position to stand (since no one want to let me sit) and stare down at the person directly beneath you. stare viciously, yet sorrowfully ( know it’s hard, but hey, i can act!)

NOTE: if the person still doesn’t give way, proceed sorrily to step 5

5. STARE VICIOUSLY until it’s time to alight, and then alight saying “people nowadays, no sense of courtesy *tsktsk*

NOTE: when saying “people nowadays, all no sense of courtesy *tsktsk* i did try to say it in a low but yet slightly audible tone, but i kept my head low, so no one would ever be able to recognise me ever again.

the result of the socio-scientific experiment was that my hypothesis was proven wrong.

i think the result is because:

1. some variables were not kept ceteris paribus e.g. intelligence level and attractiveness of subjects i tested the above hypothesis on – some were uglier, fatter, dumber-looking and more short-sighted than others

2. bus drivers were also a factor which constrained my (brilliant, if i say so myself) acting skills – some bus drivers drove in an F1 manner such that if i were to really act like my hands were so helpless and weak, i would now be typing this in the safety andcomfort of a hospital bed.

3. no one takes much notice of other passengers even though they may be all squashed up on a crowded bus.

NOTE to self: wait till next time i injure myself even more seriously, i will try to test this hypothesis again.


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