the abrasion chronicles dayfour

September 27, 2006 at 4:58 pm Leave a comment

so i thought i’d journal in photos of the abrasions, you know, just cos it’s quite a memorable experience.
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the photo above is of my left elbow. it looks kinda gross, with the pus oozing out about 2mm thick. but hey, on sunday the day itseld, it was blood oozing out 2mm thick.

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and this is just what is looks like all wrapped up in some waterproof thingy so i can shower and wash my hands without fear of pain. but honestly, even beneath this supposedly cushion thingy, it still hurts damn bad.

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and this is my right elbow. it’s not as serious as the left, just a minor abrasion, but still photoworthy.other random minor abrasions on my left knee, left thigh, and an evern minor-er abrasion that has scarred my pearl (it’s actually really light grey) croc aspens are not so photoworthy, but still existent.

and it took me only till today, day four no less, that i suddenly realised that there will probably be a big awful ugly scar on my left elbow to mark this tragic flying incident which is even more tragic in nature than the wright brothers’ first fluke flight.

and guess what, i didn’t cry at all the whole of sunday, but i teared and got so terribly frightened at the thought of the potentiall hideous scar today.

damn, i’m vain.


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i flew. freaky friday five (of things gone wrong)

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