i flew.

September 25, 2006 at 2:31 pm Leave a comment

i really did.

just yesterday, on a sudden whim, boyfriend and i decided to go cyclng and exploring.

when we were approaching this steep downward slope, this buncha teens who have probably not experienced a single funeral in their entire life, sped past me and whizzed down the slope.

after they passed me and all stopped at the bottom of the slope, i went “OH FUCK” for the first time down the slope.

halfway down, and they were still parked at the bottom of the slope, i knew i wasn’t gonna make it.

i yelled “OHFUCK-OHFUCK-OHFUCK-OHFUCK-OHFUCK-OHFUCK..” on and on and on.

and then somehow, i managed to fly off my bike and fling it away at the same time.

i was damn lucky the 2 cyclists who were behind me who were also facing the same steep downward slope, did not crash into me and run me over.

i crashed forward onto the ground, with my chest hitting the ground with a huge bang.

grazed the usual parts – knees thighs elbows.

went to see a doc just to make sure i didnt have internal bleeding or any broken ribs and *woohooo!* got an MC.


but anyways, i learned a few things that day:

1. i was right, you know. my first thought after i flew and realised that damn there was no way i could hide the injuries from my mum, i went “OHFUCK she’s bound to think i fell off the boyfriend’s motorbike”. and i was right you know. 

2. i was right too, you know, when i was thinking if my mum would be heartless enough, to worry about me beyond my injuries, and worry about the mode of transport *godforbid-motorbike!* sans-flying. damn, she’s heartless.

3. i have a sixth sense, i really do! just before we headed cycling, my left lid twitched continuously for quite a while. i ignored it, and damn, now i realise i shouldn’t have. so now i know, when my left lid twitches, i should just hide at home beneath my comfy blankie and hibernate until tomorrow comes – if it does come, that is.

4. flying is not a good feeling.

5. no more cycling for me. 


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