the banquet

September 18, 2006 at 1:28 pm Leave a comment

saw the banquet over the weekend.

overall i liked it very much indeed.

technically, still lacking.

focus was soft for an exceeding number of shots, namely the ECUs.

focuspuller was also late for some shots when there was movement.

then at the finale banquet scene, there was GAIN, my god.

so i guess it’s true us Asians are still not on par yet with Hollywood.

read a review on this movie today that raved on and on about geisha*ziyizhang.

not a fan, was never a fan, and i still aint impressed.

i walked out of the theatre, and one of my first few comments to the boyfriend was “wah, she actually quite fat, and her complexion also not that fantastic”


and i was and still is a fan of *zhou*x*un!

i think she is oh so beautiful.

felt she had quite a shitty role that doesn’t do her acting much justice, but hey, she did good, and she looked stunning.

she’d upstaged a certain geisha, in my opinion.

loved the emperor too – he’s familiar! he was a funny emperor in some other movie, no?

liked the plot too, very twisting and turning, and quite chockful of surprises.

the sinister plotting, and how everyone and anyone could and wanted to be king.

and what i loved most about the movie, has got to be its martial arts choreography and art direction.

merged the beauty of dance and music with the fighting sequences.

reminded me of hero and worldwithoutthieves.

absolutely beautiful.

and then i was in awe at the set and the costumes and the makeup.

just feel that, there’ve been so many period fighting epics, and each has managed to distinguish itself from others, namely because of art direction.

each has its own distinct special costumes, makeup and set.

this one went for a traditional chinese regal look.

the set was predominantly black and gold.

ladies had a distinct makeup, with long flowy costumes that were shapeless yet enhanced the female form.


so despite the little technical glitches, i loved theBanqu*t.


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