tokyo drift

August 14, 2006 at 1:37 pm Leave a comment

i just wanna say, this was a non-movie.

i had a slight tiff with the boyfriend because of this movie.

he loved it and ai hated it.

plot was bad, acting was bad, production quality was bad.

i don’t understand how a scene shot in bright daylight, with minimal action, can be shot with GAIN.

only saving grace was OH-SO-HOT Han *droool*

for an action flick, the action sequences were boring and formulaic.

after Han died, i seriously considered walking out of the movie theatres.

most of the cuts or shots were not what i wanted to see.

sure, sometimes i’d wanted to see closeups of the wheels, closeup lockshots of the drifting.

but after a while, it got boring.

sometimes it was confusing too.

like when there were races, they would cut from one face to the other face, and then i would be confused and lost and can’t figure out the geography of the 2 cars to each other.

sometimes also i’d rather have wanted a wider 2 shot to see the cars in relation to each other.

hey, it’s afterall a race …

preferred the initial*D formula, whereby they’d cut from face, to leg to hand, to wider shot, then to the other face, hand, leg again.

better buildup, and much clearer geography, in my opinion.

but boyfriend preferred this tokyo style, said he was always very clear who was leading in the races, the expressions on the (bad acting) faces was anough for him.

he also felt that he (boring :O) lockshots were necessary to focus on the drifting.

and he even went as far as to say that initial*D was boring.

so we quarrelled.

and then i won, i guess, when we both finally agreed that it was a non-movie, all about the drifting.

but we both agreed though, that the most beautiful and magnificent moment (shot) was the top rotating shot, when Han was picking up the chicks by drifting round and round.

overall – i think i want to demand my money back from the box office. and i will hang myself if this movie wins an oscar.


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my first totally un-selfcentred post dragon tiger gate

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