my first totally un-selfcentred post

August 14, 2006 at 1:17 pm Leave a comment

just on saturday, thetwelfthofaugust

so i happened to find myself alone in the living room with my mother at approximately 2000hrs

she asked (demanded) that i let her take a look at the teletext

i passed her the remote, which she excitedly snatched

and then she pressed some random numbers which made the tv screen go black

i calmly took over the precious remote control from her and helped her reach page eighthundredandeightythree of the teletext

and so she scanned the rows of numbers and let out a couple of “tsk!” and “AIYOH!” in response to the string of numbers on the tv screen

and then she said “AIYOH!!! i was just thinking about 5566 the other day and then today the numbers came out! AIYOH! tsk!”

and then i scanned the rows and rows of digits for “5566” but to no avail

it was only after a prolonged scan that i finally found the numbers she was referring to, jumbled into “6556”

then she went on again

“AIYAH! 3456! i knew it would come out! AIYAH! why didn’t i buy it! TSK! TSK!”

and i stared at the tv screen for a long time before i finally found



this ibet madness is driving me mad.

on another totally irrelevant note, the next day (sunday) morning

while travelling along the roads

my trained eyes spotted numerous variations of carplates bearing the numbers “5566”

i saw a shiny black car with the numbers “6556” speed past me and i thought “whoa, he must have won some money last night”

and then i saw another car with the numbers “5665”

and then another “6565”

and then i saw one that  said “6555”

and i thought “wasted, miss by one number”


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to the guy tokyo drift

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