dragon tiger gate

August 14, 2006 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

was actually pretty good.

i liked the action sequences.

and i must say, strange, but all shots of Donnie Yen make him look so hunkalicious.

what boyfriend had to say in response to this observation of mine was “of course what, he action choreographer lehhhhh”

oh, and the Rosa in this show, has got to be the hottest person name Rosa EVER.

liked the action choreography very much.

esp the Japanese restaurant scene, where everything/everyone was interconnected.

read reports about Shawn*Yue injuring himself with the nunchaku, and submitting himself to rigorous training for this movie, but his role was so peripheral, bordering on redundancy.

and his action sequences so minimal, i wonder what the hooha about his injuries and training was all about.

what a pansy.

and like what the martial arts instructor told his character, (i quote loosely) “those kids are better than him [you]”

plot is of no concern to me for this film.

i mean, there is a clear plot, definitely, a bit ridiculous, maybe a bit flimsy too, but hey, worked for me.


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tokyo drift brushing away the cobwebs

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