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August 6, 2006 at 9:44 am Leave a comment

was disappointing.

it was of course, drama-tic.

loads of drama.


Dana died.

Shane *attempted* to marry Carmen.

And then there’s a new character Moira/Max who is a transsexual.

Felt to me that the show was becoming to be one about Alice, more than anyone else.

And as usual, the season ended with a cliffhanger, to do with the Bette-Tina relationship.

I didn’t like this season very much, but that said, I would still want to watch seasonfour.

Just because I like Shane oh-so-very-much.

Structure-wise, halfway through the season, after Dana started to have cancer, the short snippet intros to the episode were replaced by flashbacks of the past between Dana and whoever.

I missed those snippet intros very much.

Those seemingly irrelevant snippet intros, that only make much more sense at the end of the episode, or whose relevance only come in in later episodes.

Prefer them to the flashbacks.

Production quality wise, nothing fantastic. typical drama-style. straight cuts, lock shots, the occasional dolly, the usual.

blah. boring.

but hey, Shane is still hot, and so is Carmen and Jenny and Bette.

And damn, Helena became hotter.


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