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July 20, 2006 at 2:49 pm Leave a comment

when i was seventeen, i was educated on the middle east crisis.

in our small class of, say, about roughly 20 people or less, we were taught to think that the middle east crisis was very real.

my lecturer and tutor and fellow classmates tried very hard to explain to me the roots of this crisis.

how it all started from one man, who then went on to have two wives, who then had two separate sons who both became gods, or so i think.

truth is, they all tried to explain the situation patiently to me, with my fellow classmate’s explanation being the simplest and most to the point.

but still, i couldnt get it or remember it then.

neither do i now.

but it was, and still is, strongly ingrained in me, that this crisis is very real, and very important in the current new world politics.

it’s getting more and more real now, with a sharp escalation in violence.

but strange, no one i know is talking about it.

strange, no one is attempting to talk to me about it.

and strange, chances are, people are more worried about earthquakes and tsunamis in indonesia than bombs in lebanon.



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of mindless spending and juicy gossip this is embarrassing but i’ll still say it anyway

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