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July 10, 2006 at 5:31 am Leave a comment

in a bid to rescue myself from my recent downandoutbout with regard to work, i have spent a ridiculous amount of money.

strangely, it has made me more depressed and worried than before i embarked on this ambitious spendmoneytomakemyself happy project.

here’s the tally so far:

1. black dress/shirt – 35bucks (you know, in anticipation of switching industry, for my future new job)

2. polka dot blouse – 30 bucks (also, for, erm, the new job in the new industry. i have no formal wear! plus, you only get 50% discount if you buy 2 items…)

3. black puma shoes – 125 bucks (for work – you know, i need to wear covered shoes for work)

4. crocs – 40somethingbucks (which i ordered a long time back already. also for work, for, you know, rainy days…)

5. black birkenstock floridas – 70 bucks (been eyeing it for the longest time…)

6. (for those who don’t know it already) samsung phone – 228 bucks (because my $(%$& phone just refused to read my sim card and died on me)

7. spectacles – a thighslapping 540bucks (and it’s not because i spent on the frame, the frama was dirtcheap at 60bucks after discount. it was the (%$&% “import from japan” lenses that made up the rest of the whopping sum)

8. 2 bottles of vodka from dutyfree – 45bucks (just cos they’re cheap, and good as birthday party presents)

9. norwegian wood – 20bucks (hey i need my intellectual feed)

grandtotal : 1133something bucks.



on another note, if you wish to donate to the rescuemefrompovertyfund, you know the number to call. i accept anything coffeefromthevendingmachinetreats to breakfast treats to a sumptuous buffet treat at the ritz carlton.


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