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settled down today to watch hollywood|hongkong by fruit chan. 

i liked it very much. 

the opening sequence was very well done. 

i also liked the way the credits were put into the openng sequence. 

in general, i think it was beautifully shot. 

liked the location very much. the rustic raw charm of the place, with the zinc roof houses and all. 

liked the lead actress zhou xun very much too. she's one of my favourite chinese actresses. i like her face very much. such a powerful versatile face. 

wondered also where fruitchan found the three fat butchers who not only looked so perfect for their roles, but could also actually act. 

boyfriend said that there were some political allusions in the film, which i don't deny, since the writerproducerdirector was politically angsty fruit chan.

he said that the two left arms and two right arms thing in the show, may be referring to the onecountrytwopolicy situation between the chinks and the hongkies, but i don't know. sounds a tad too farfetched, but yet sounds plausible for a deepthought guy like fruit.

since i'm on the topic of fruit, i may as well elaborate more on how i got acquainted with fruit.

it all started from friendstering, and then i came across a friend's profile that mentioned his favourite films being some of fruit's films.

and then i got curious about whothehellisthisguycalled fruit?

and then i found out he's a serious, famous, hongkong filmmaker who deals with political issues in his films.

and then i finally laid my hands on made in hongkong, which i liked very much.

of course, firstly i liked the male lead sam lee very much.

but i also liked the rawness of emotion portrayed in the movie, with all the brashness and rawness of emotion of youth.

one of those few films that i like that actually has images and emotions that i can remember vividly.

but that said, i fell asleep halfway through public|toilet. too heavy, too experimental for me on a lazy sunday. will watch it again though when i'm more clear-headed.


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‘scuse me for now, while i go read for a bit what you don’t do

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