i had fun last saturday

June 12, 2006 at 1:24 am Leave a comment

on saturday, it was a reunion in more ways than one.

met friends from two years ago, a year ago, months ago.

i had fun, really.

missed them very much. missed the life i had outside of this corporation i now work in.

and once again i re-experienced brotherhood.

it's a good feeling to be surrounded by friends who have come down willingly and enthusiastically to help you fulfill a dream, in exchange for gaffertape, i think.

and then it made me re-think many things too.

got some updates about people whom i respected (and still respect), who were once a somebody in the industry, that made me feel ill at ease.

they've left. left the industry.

some have left totally, switched industries.

some have left to teach.

and then i think, who am i to think i should stay, if these people who were doing well, who were somebodies in their realm of expertise, have chosen to leave.

and then i think, is it going to be my turn to leave soon?

they joined the industry maybe a year or two before i did.

and i don't think i excel in my work as well as they did.

and so i think, maybe a year later, two years later, it'll be my turn to pack my bags and do something else.

it's a depressing thought, it is.

because much as i complain about my work, i like my work.

very much.

these past two years, i've grown a lot, changed a lot, seen a lot, and experienced a lot from what i call work.

sure, it used to be more fun than work.

now it's more work than fun.

but i still enjoy it.

because by and by it has come to define me.

and so the thought scares me to lose this work that i have fought so hard for, to lose the me that i have slowly come to define over the past two years.


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a quickie when the cat is away the mice will come out to play

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  • 1. maicie  |  June 13, 2006 at 11:04 am

    haha… some people can perform very well for sth that they dont like… i guess when u reach their stage, it’s not so much of whether how well u perform it, but how much u enjoy it. perhaps they dont really enjoy what they’re doing?
    but if u love what u’re doing, for the period now at least, then just stay on lah


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