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settled down today to watch hollywood|hongkong by fruit chan. 

i liked it very much. 

the opening sequence was very well done. 

i also liked the way the credits were put into the openng sequence. 

in general, i think it was beautifully shot. 

liked the location very much. the rustic raw charm of the place, with the zinc roof houses and all. 

liked the lead actress zhou xun very much too. she's one of my favourite chinese actresses. i like her face very much. such a powerful versatile face. 

wondered also where fruitchan found the three fat butchers who not only looked so perfect for their roles, but could also actually act. 

boyfriend said that there were some political allusions in the film, which i don't deny, since the writerproducerdirector was politically angsty fruit chan.

he said that the two left arms and two right arms thing in the show, may be referring to the onecountrytwopolicy situation between the chinks and the hongkies, but i don't know. sounds a tad too farfetched, but yet sounds plausible for a deepthought guy like fruit.

since i'm on the topic of fruit, i may as well elaborate more on how i got acquainted with fruit.

it all started from friendstering, and then i came across a friend's profile that mentioned his favourite films being some of fruit's films.

and then i got curious about whothehellisthisguycalled fruit?

and then i found out he's a serious, famous, hongkong filmmaker who deals with political issues in his films.

and then i finally laid my hands on made in hongkong, which i liked very much.

of course, firstly i liked the male lead sam lee very much.

but i also liked the rawness of emotion portrayed in the movie, with all the brashness and rawness of emotion of youth.

one of those few films that i like that actually has images and emotions that i can remember vividly.

but that said, i fell asleep halfway through public|toilet. too heavy, too experimental for me on a lazy sunday. will watch it again though when i'm more clear-headed.


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‘scuse me for now, while i go read for a bit

and so the boyfriend has finally returned from the land of the chinks.

for those who know about my favourite communist watch and how, despite the many repairs it has undergone that cost way more than how much it was initially bought for, and still, no matter how hard i tried to revived it, but still, it has been officially pronounced dead,

well, the boyfriend bought me, not one, but TWO of the beloved communist watch from the land of the chinks!

i heart communist watches! 😀

and then today i finally laid my paws on norwegian wood – the book that i have ben trying to lay my paws on for the longest time ever.

and so for now and the next few days, i say, 'scuse me, while i go read for a bit.

and just in case you're worried the cynic in me has disappeared, it hasn't.

money is so damn hard to earn, just so you know. 

but heck, i'm enjoying my only off day this week.

'scuse me for now, while i go read for a bit.

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final catharsis

And so the final release came today when I got to fill up the evaluation form for the shittyashellinternship.

i now sit and pray to god it best be as confidential as confidential can be.
and now i'm still stuck at the same organization just because the price is right.

it's getting cold and lonely in here without the regular lunch kakis at our regular lunch time at our regular table sipping our regular atas coffee, insisting it come with two and not just one cookie.


on a happier note, boyfriend is returning form the land of chinks with fruitchan dvds!


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when the cat is away the mice will come out to play

and so the saying goes, when the cat is way the mice will come out to play.

as the boyfriend is far far away tucked away in the mother homeland where all our ugly, slitty eyes, yellow-skinned ancestors came from, i have come out to play.

i will be ordering my new birks tonight!


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i had fun last saturday

on saturday, it was a reunion in more ways than one.

met friends from two years ago, a year ago, months ago.

i had fun, really.

missed them very much. missed the life i had outside of this corporation i now work in.

and once again i re-experienced brotherhood.

it's a good feeling to be surrounded by friends who have come down willingly and enthusiastically to help you fulfill a dream, in exchange for gaffertape, i think.

and then it made me re-think many things too.

got some updates about people whom i respected (and still respect), who were once a somebody in the industry, that made me feel ill at ease.

they've left. left the industry.

some have left totally, switched industries.

some have left to teach.

and then i think, who am i to think i should stay, if these people who were doing well, who were somebodies in their realm of expertise, have chosen to leave.

and then i think, is it going to be my turn to leave soon?

they joined the industry maybe a year or two before i did.

and i don't think i excel in my work as well as they did.

and so i think, maybe a year later, two years later, it'll be my turn to pack my bags and do something else.

it's a depressing thought, it is.

because much as i complain about my work, i like my work.

very much.

these past two years, i've grown a lot, changed a lot, seen a lot, and experienced a lot from what i call work.

sure, it used to be more fun than work.

now it's more work than fun.

but i still enjoy it.

because by and by it has come to define me.

and so the thought scares me to lose this work that i have fought so hard for, to lose the me that i have slowly come to define over the past two years.

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a quickie

just to explain why i have disappeared for a while.

1. work. 
– the workplace is like a post-tsunami warzone now, due to the recent spate of what they call "appraisals".

2. i've pissed off someone i care about (not permanently though i hope)
– so i've been busy trying to work things out
– the final result is depressing though

3. special shoot this saturday
– helping a special someone who was my first in many ways 🙂
– it's a she by the way 🙂

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