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and so yesterday we sat down so ta-glamly in a small dingy corner at the MDCcarpark because the diva says she's been too the canteen too many times in that short while it's a tad embarrassing.

that little dingy corner where we sat down for about an hour and talked and talked on end.

that little dingy corner that is so private yet so public.

so many people walked by, and we said hi up to them from that low crouched down angle where we sat.

from afar we must have looked like two down and out vagabonds, but we knew better.

we just didn't care.

in those moments, nothing mattered but what the conversation was about.

didn't matter how ta-glam or how pathetic we must have looked to others.

midway through, the diva asked me, "do you have to be somewhere?"

i said, "no. i have to be home for dinner. but i'm not hungry."

and we just talked on end.

and she said, "you know, sometimes you shut yourself out too much."

and i said, "i know. i'm scared of people, scared they will disappoint."

my honesty took me aback at that moment. 

those words, those sentiments that i had been feeling, i'd forgotten for a long time.

they ceased to have existed consciously in my mind, and only resurfaced again in that spurious moment of open conversation.

so i still remember.

and so the time came for us to leave our dingy little corner. 

we arose from the ground, patted our cute little asses a little to get rid of the dust and then each went on our way.


when i officially left my office table to meet the diva, it was drizzling.

and when i officially took leave of the diva, it was still drizzling.

so i did what most normal rational people would do.

i packed myself into a cab and set off home.

i'd kept myself totally dry most of the way, because even the way to the taxi stand was sheltered.

until i paid my cabfare, and alighted.


i plunged my nice bronze birks into a big puddle of water.

boohoo. šŸ˜¦


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