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May 23, 2006 at 2:23 pm 1 comment

first of all i want to say that i have not read the book, so i will not make silly comments like "wow the movie was shorter than the book" or unimaginative comments like "Professor TeaBing does not look at all like anything i had imagined him to be!"

to be very honest, i was bored by it. at the beginning, at least.

but after the dynamic duo met profteabing, things took a turn for the better, and i felt more involved in the movie, felt more excited in their search.

what i didn't like :

1. did not like the whole sequence whereby princess-sophie was driving furiously away from the embassy in her obviously productplacementcar through tiny gaps in the traffic. too frantic for my liking.

2. did not like the pacing before they met profteabing. too slow. they must have waited like at least a whole twoseconds before each person finished their line before they took their line. when i was watching it felt like this : 

robert – who are you? 


princess-sophie : PS means princess sophie.

too slow! move on! chop chop!

3. do not like tom hank's hairdo. if you've read the book, please educate me if it was described in the book this is how his hair is supposed to look like. else i'm inclined to believe it's what i call the baldingoldman syndrome. men reach a certain age, drop a certain innumerable amount of hair too frequently and they decide to grow whatever hair they have left to as long and ugly a length as they possibly can thinking that the long slimy (sometimes curly too) pony tail will distract us from the great shiny receding-right-this-moment-while-i'm-staring-at-it bald patch right in front of our eyes.

not working, old man.

what i liked:

1. liked the superimposition whenever baldingrobert tried to explain about ancient myths. beautifully done.

2. i think the director felt a strong connection for the character silas. somehow, the shots of silas felt more emotional than others, were more memorable than others, and felt to me as more well-thought-out and more beautiful than the others. maybe it's just me.

3. silas. nuff said. 


silas rocked. liked the character very much. liked the look of the character very much. liked the acting very much. i felt for the character very much.

honestly, i was worried the show would have a sequel when the pacing was so painfully slow and things were building up so slowly before they went to seek out profteabing and i also caught myself desperately checking the time when i was two hours into the show. but overall, i quite liked the movie. beautiful most of the time, but some parts, like i mentioned, pacing could have been tightened.

PS: silas rocks. 

Disclaimer: this is just a totally personal egocentric self-fulfilling narrow-minded subjective review on my part. just so you know.


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boooo :( so dark the con of man

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  • 1. Woodstock  |  May 25, 2006 at 10:04 am

    I don’t remember any mention of Robert’s description in the book. If there was, it certainly did not describe him as balding.. From what i heard, some parts of the movie certainly did not appear in the book.Time and physical constrains i guess.


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