self-disclosure (aint gonna happen so often here)

May 11, 2006 at 3:58 pm Leave a comment

I AM: trying to be as best a person as i can be.
I WANT: those who love me to be happy.
I WISH: i had more time and more love to share.
I HATE: seeing the doctor and the dentist.
I MISS: days of sitting alone at a cafe curled up with my novel or sketchbook.
I FEAR: loneliness.
I HEAR: peaceful midnight traffic sounds.
I WONDER: where my future will take me to.
I REGRET: not keeping in touch with people i care about.
I AM NOT: as heartless and cynical as i seem.
I DANCE: with two left feet.
I SING: horribly.
I CRY: when i think no one's looking.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as strong as i look.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: many useful/delish/pretty things.
I WRITE: yes i do.
I CONFUSE: myself when i think too much.
I NEED: to believe in love.
I SHOULD: learn to trust people more.
I START: my day with a hot shower.
I FINISH: my food when i can.
I LOVE: cuddling up in bed when outside's chilly with rain.
I REMEMBER: too many things that i shouldnt.


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love story – of satisfaction and disorientation. chungkingexpress

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